Paper Craftin with Erica

Advantages of Unmounted Stamps

Less expensive – You are not paying for wood for each image, or the cost of someone cutting and putting the images together. Acrylic mounts are used over and over again for all of your images, so the cost is almost cut in half.

Storage – They take up a lot less room than wood mounted. You can store them in CD cases or binders, and you can put thousands of images right on your desktop to have at your fingertips, instead of having boxes and boxes of wood stamps that you have to hunt through each time you need one.

See through the mount – You can see where the image is being stamped, so placement is easier. Duo stamping is much easier as a stamp positioner is not necessary.

Easier to line up – Place the image where you want it on the mount, then line the mount up with the edge of the paper for straighter corners, words, or borders. Nothing needs to be off-center or crooked again.

Building designs – You can place several images on the same mount to create your entire card front, ink , and stamp only once instead of once for each image. Or, put several small images in a row on a mount to form your own border stamp then stamp horizontally or vertically.

No blobs – If your image is not cut close enough, you can re-trim the image closer to prevent the blobs. If you have trouble stamping a frame image without getting ink on the inside when stamping then cut the inside of the frame out with your X-Acto knife!

Alphabet stamps – These are so much easier to use with the unmounted images since you can place your letters as close as you like and build all of your words on the acrylic. Test on scrap paper to be sure you have all the letters the way you want them. You may want more than one set of the smaller case letters so you can build more words at a time.

Versatility – You can cut the image into parts and use them in different ways, i.e. Happy Birthday on one line can be cut into two stamps and mounted on two lines, or spaced different with an image between the words, or twist and turn the image to go around a circle, or cut each letter out to space it differently. They can always be put back together at anytime. This allows you to be more creative with your images.

Curvature stamping – Stamping on curved surfaces such as flower pots is easier since your own hand can be the mount to allow for more flexibility around the curve. This may take a little practice. Use two-sided removable tape on the Mounting Cushion, so the stamps will stick to your fingers as temporary mounts.

Large images – When using really large images, or if you are creating a layout too large for your acrylic mounts, unmounted stamps can be placed on any flat, clear surface.