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Copic Information & Techniques

Copic Marker Overview

Copic markers have been around for over 25 years and were created in Japan by Too Corporation.  They were originally created for fine art design.  Eventually, they became very popular in the Japanese comic industry (anime).  Copic markers are popular… Read More

Copic Marker Paper & Ink Compatibility

It is important to use the right inks and papers in order to get the best results with your Copic markers.  There are a lot of different brands and types… some work well while others do not.  This is a list of inks that I have tested myself during my use with Copics… Read More

Copic Color Theory

The numbers and letters on your marker represent the three classifications within the Copic color system.  They are… Read More

Basic Copic Coloring Techniques

There are four main coloring techniques with your Copic markers (and I have provided instructions in four easy steps each).  They include: marker blending, feather blending, pointillism, and cross hatching.  There are… Read More

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