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Halloween Over Already?

This was supposed to be posted a week ago… but apparently, I click “draft” instead of publish.  Better late than never!  Right?

My favorite holiday flew right by me.  I didn’t have time to decorate and we couldn’t go trick-or-treating because Merceydeis was sick.  She has strep throat which caused a full body rash much like Scarlet Fever.  Anyway, she was really bummed, so we had a little Halloween bash at home.  We dressed up, had a Halloween cookie cake, and watched movies.  Then, I made these cute little buggers, but didn’t get a chance to post them because I’ve been extremely tired due to thyroid problems.



Here’s a picture of my little girl as a “modern” Vampire.



That’s my cutie!  (Note the “Edward” necklace she is wearing.)  At least the rash didn’t make it to her face.  Well, I hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween.  XOXOXO

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